Welcome and thank you for visiting this site. We aim to give you information about an opportunity to live in the beautiful Haute Garonne in a perfect house, a rare opportunity for those who are used to high standards and can afford to live in comfort. This site is just set up for the purpose of giving information; (not to show a nice site with technical features). CURIOUS FOR MORE QUALITY-HOUSES?

Location in the area
The village of Cardeilhac (250 inhabitants) is situated between St. Gaudens and Boulogne sur Gesse on the route D9. The city of Toulouse (Blagnac airport) is only 100kms by road. Also the airport of Pau is only 100kms away. The area is situated at the edge of the Pyrenees, with ski resorts only 45mins by car. The area is central between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.
This area belongs to the MIDI-PYRENEES, department HAUTE-GARONNE and is also known by the name GASCONY.
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Location in Cardeilhac
The house is outside the village on the edge of a very large forest (forÍt domainiale), with an Arboretum The nearest neighbours are several hundred metres away. The house and pool face south, giving a magnificent view, over a valley, to the Pyrenees. As a result of a new law in France, there is little chance of a new building permit being given in a rural area like this. Despite the fact that the house sits in "only" 2000 sq.mts., the view is completely free over valleys and trees. (Ever thought about maintaining several thousand sq.mts.?!) Click here to more of the surroundings.

Old or new?
Many people have romantic ideas about an old (farm) house in France. Ever thought about the restoration efforts and costs of such an old romantic house? There are still such houses for sale at seemingly "low" purchase costs. With an old house one can easily double or triple the purchase price; and still have an inconvenient old house. We decided to build a new house (1998) with an exterior designed by a french architect which would fit perfectly into the landscape, to be built by a traditional french builder, to modern standards. Plumbing, electricity, heating, insulation, double glazing; everything meets high standards of quality and comfort.

Nevertheless; the outside is characteristic, one can see the deer in the valley overlooking the forest and the Pyrenees. With all that "romantic feelings" are free to come.

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There is a bakery in Blajan (8kms), and in Boulogne sur Gesse (12kms) are stores and supermarkets - market day is Wednesday. In nearby St. Gaudens (12kms), is a larger variety of shops while in Toulouse are all the well known stores; eg. Ikea, Carrefour, and many others.

Culture and Sport
Near Cardeilhac, in Lespugue, a 25.000 old year statue was found. The area has a rich and extremely long history. Signs of the Roman era are to be found all around. Toulouse, "the pink city", has a wide variety of cultural sites and events. Throughout the area there are many kinds of summer festivals.

Golf courses (Lannemezan 30kms), tennis (Boulogne sur Gesse 12kms), rafting on the Garonne, hiking in the Pyrenees, skiing in winter; are all easily accessible.

In the Haute Garonne the area around St. Gaudens is said to have a "micro climate". Due to the influence of the Pyrenees and wind directions, the climate is always a little bit better than in the surrounding areas. Did you know that the department of the Haute Garonne in a recently carried out French survey (2001), has been chosen to be "the best place in France to live"? Climate, environment, security, and lots of other factors (which were "top" in the Haute Garonne) lead to this conclusion.

Garden and swimming pool
In the easy to maintain garden, there are very old trees which give comfortable shade, and also apple and plum trees which blossom in spring. There is an automatic watering system for the borders. At the rear of the property is a small irrigation canal, which has been fenced. The fences are not only for security (the house has an alarm system and automatic lighting system with lamps around the house and in the garden), but to keep the forest animals out of the garden. If you have a dog, it can run freely.

The swimming pool (5x10mts) is easy to maintain and can be heated. The electric heating unit has an outstanding efficiency. The contract for electricity is a, so called, "tempo" contract which means (in rough terms) 40 days per year normal tarrif, 300 days per year very cheap tariff, and 20 days per year expensive tariff. The expensive days are always in winter; so heating the pool is mostly done in the cheap tariff.